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There are only a few writing instruments which have been successful in the market for decades without big changes. One of them is of course the Kaweco Classic Sport. It follows the design of the year 1935.
History tells us that the foundation of Kaweco lies in 1883 as the Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik. Later Koch, Weber & Compagnie where added to the name which eventually resulted in the name Kaweco in 1899. Among many of their high quality pens, the Kaweco Sport stands out the most. First produced in 1913, the pen is still to this day a collectors masterpiece.
Features the Kaweco logo in gold-coloured metal on the button and the p
ush-button retractable mechanism. Clip is included


Closed, the pen is just 105mm long, open 133mm long. The barrel is 14mm in diameter (around the cap).

Made from tough but exceptionally lightweight ABS/macrolon plastic.
Uses short international standard fountain pens cartridges - the ball tip is fixed, simply swap the ink cartridges - huge range of colours available.

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