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Founded in 2013, Ekstur is the creation of Leen Thys and Christiaan Kastrop, married with two boys.  “We have always been very appreciative towards products manufactured with an eye on functionality, durability and attitude. On our webshop we collect those products of which we think would look great in our lives, would be played with by our kids or would be a perfect present for friends and family.

The quest for these products takes us everywhere. From Argentina to Japan, from South Africa to Germany and back to Belgium (Hasselt), where we are located.

Not all products are created equal!

We have divided our shop into 2 segments. One segment consists of the products mentioned above. The main focus here is to find and offer you products with a story, a background and history to tell. Products that are already around for some time or are simply built to last. All of these are handpicked and curated by us and every single one of them have ticked at least 3 of the 5 boxes: Simple, Honest, Attitude, Durable, Eco. As we would like to call it, our SHADE-manifesto.

The other segment consists of collaborations with upcoming and well-established designers and artists. By not only selling some of their works, but most importantly introducing them to a larger group of people is our main goal here. We feel that more and more people are looking for something different, something with (again) a story behind it. As the story behind the product is as important as the product itself.

It shows that our approach is not only about selling our finds to you but also sharing its value and heritage. Therefor you can find extra background information of our products, collaborations with designers or just need-to-know random topics in our online magazine Ekstur Lecture.

We aim to please and will do everything we can to provide you with a pleasant online shopping experience. Should there however still be anything we can add to our service or do you have any comments or interesting products for us to explore, please let us know.

Designed In Belgium, Sourced around the World!

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L. and C. Kastrop




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