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€ 127.00
(free shipping to Belgium)


All magpies are unique and hand-carved with an axe and a knife, made from black-stained Lime wood.
Born in Linkoping, Sweden in 1972 Mikael studied Handicraft and Culture at Linkopings University. “I try to give each figure a personality, express a feeling, motion, gesture. I make crows because I like them and would like to have a real one as a friend”

Please note
Due to the hand-made quality of this item, all small and large magpies are different. Please e-mail us for more images or bird-poses, so you can pick your favorite magpie:


Black-stained Lime wood. All made by axe and knife so all are unique.

Large: approx. 15-20cm
Small: approx. 5 cm

€ 127.00
(free shipping to Belgium)

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