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Edible. Inedible.

A great unique game concept.
by Shusha Toys


Edible Inedible is a really unique game concept with seven pairs of illustrated discs. Each solid birch and painted with symbols. Within each pair is one edible food that will fit through the chef's mouth. Its partner disc is slightly larger and will not fit through. Children have to pick out the right one to feed the hungry chef.

How cool is that? A fun group game that also helps teach children foods that can or cannot be eaten. Children can turn the discs over to hide the symbol to add a random aspect to play when they pick.

Not only that, the 14 discs can be used as pairs matching game.
Pairings: fish/fish bones, mushroom/poisonous mushroom, prawn/bug, egg/egg shell, nut/acorn, chicken leg/chicken bone, sweetcorn/maize. All beautifully made and supplied with a branded cotton storage bag.

Contains: 7 food pairs, 1 hungry chef and comes with a storage bag. Fully European CE tested and marked.



Birch wood

2 to 5 years old.

7 food pairs
1 hungry chef
storage bag.

Discs > 5cm and 5,5 cm diameter.

Edible. Inedible.

A great unique game concept.
by Shusha Toys

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