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€ 69.00 € 48.00


IXXI is turning your whole world into a cool wall decoration! A fresh, innovative way to display works of art in any room. The possibilities with IXXI are infinite.

Dutch designers have developed a unique design system, made up of individual squares and connectors, supplied in a compact box with hanging and assembly tools.

The squares can be joined together using the connectors creating an IXXI in any size or shape. Printed on premium quality Synaps paper, the IXXIs are incredibly moisture resistant and tear-proof. Your home will always be up-to-date!

Whether you want to bring a bit of culture and colour into your house, IXXI’s got it covered.

Unique butterfly imprints from a Japanese image-book
100cm x 100cm

€ 69.00 € 48.00

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