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Return Policy


Return shipping from Benelux countries
To return or exchange a product, please send a mail to our Return Desk, or call us at +32(0) 494 14 87 88 between 9am and 7pm CET, Monday-Friday.

We accept returns on all unused items within 14 days of purchase. After contacting us by phone or mail regarding the return shipping, we will send a return-shipping label to you via email, which you can print and attach to your package.
For customers in the Benelux, return shipping is free.

Please make sure that by resending a product:

1.     The product is sufficiently packed. In case of occurred damage during the
        return-shipment, Area 5punt1 bvba has the right to calculate a reasonable
        damage fee.
The return-shipping label has been filled out completely, printed out and
        enclosed within the shipment.
The package has been sufficiently stamped. Insufficiently stamped
        packages will not be accepted.
Send your package to:

Area 5punt1 bvba
Lijmstraat 5
3500 Hasselt

Returned items will be reimbursed the full purchase price upon arrival in our warehouse. Returned items can also be exchanged for store credit.

We will reimburse the shipping cost within 5 business days after reception of the package to the bank account stated on your client profile. 

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